Eye Makeup Contract Manufacturing in Malaysia

A contract manufacturing company is an ideal option to help your brand grow as you may customize the products according to your preferences. With the growing cosmetics industry in Malaysia and beyond, many brands have started to find Asian manufacturers to develop top-notch Halal beauty and cosmetic products for local and international markets. Nowadays, there [...]

Halal Cosmetics – More Than Just Marketing!

The mainstream beauty industry has been slowly waking up to the importance and potential of the halal cosmetics market in recent years. There is now a clear opportunity for beauty brands to innovate and tap into this global market that is growing at an exceptional pace. Many cosmetics companies have started to produce vegan and [...]

OEM Face Cosmetic Manufacturer in Malaysia

OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturer, a company that creates and formulates the original formulation of any products in the cosmetic industry. It has evolved for the past decades in Malaysia as a manufacturer of authentic cosmetics products. Not just a manufacturer, an OEM face cosmetic manufacturer company like Intercosmetic Group is also responsible in [...]